Why us?


  • Nowadays, most of the practices are getting less reimbursement than what they deserve, most of them are not even able to cover their costs & expanses.
  • Meditek Solutions was founded with the belief to provide unmatched services to these kind of facilities, to maximize their reimbursements & expand their business.
  • Most of the insurance companies maximize their profits by delaying, underpaying, or denying claims that a practitioner has submitted. Our goal is to eliminate such problems by eliminating errors & following-up such claims till they get paid.
  • Submitting and following-up the claims is a headache, let us take that headache so you can focus to smooth and expand your practice.
  • We guarantee to increase your reimbursement upto 95%  depending upon your capabilities to implement our suggestions.
  • We have expert abilities in credentialing & enrollments, account receivables & follow-ups, front desk services, IT solutions, insurance & patient calls & software implementation.


There are numerous reasons to choose a medical billing company over in-house billing; some of them are:

  • Medical billing company provides a hassle free, fast, reliable and accurate billing.
  • It keeps firm eyes on each and every claim and follows-up until it gets paid.
  • Record keeping is an essential part of Medical industry. Correct and accurate record is important for correct billing. A Medical billing company helps to ensure that you meet the requirements, maintain records properly and updated.
  • Medical billing company also ensures the standards of Patient & other practice related data security according to HIPAA guidelines, while In-house billers usually don’t focus on such important aspect.
  • Starting a new business is difficult, especially a medical practice because it involves complex coding and compliance issues. Medical billing company helps you concentrate on your practice and gives you relief from billing issues or recruiting and training employees to do billing.
  • Medical billing helps you get rid of dealing with insurance carriers and increase your collection rate by processing & following up all claims.
  • Several practices file claims by themselves and get rejections or less payment. Medical billing company ensures all claims get fully paid and avoid denials.