Medical Billing Services


  1. HIPAA Compliance & Data Security 
    Security of practice’s data is a crucial and core part of Medical industry. Meditek Solutions promised to provide full HIPAA Compliance and data security of practice. We provide secure channels to the facilities for data transfer for billing.
  1. Physician’s Credentialing
    Credentialing and enrollment of a physician is a basic and important part of Medical industry. It’s a headache to get a facility or provider credentialed with insurances and adding a location. Meditek Solutions has the edge to provide Physician’s Credentialing in addition to the Medical Billing which most of the billing companies don’t provide.
  1. Eligibility & Demographics
    Eligibility, benefits & coverage verification is a vital and basic part on which most of the facilities don’t focus. Meditek Solutions has team who verifies demographics & eligibility information & add addendum before the patient’s visit. This helps practice to eliminate denials, resubmission cost and get reimbursed on time to cover the costs and expenses.
  1. Coding Review & Assistance
    Meditek Solutions assist facilities in correct coding and review CPTs, HCPS and ICDs before submitting claims to avoid denials and through this method, most number of claims get paid in 1st time.
  1. Claims Submission
    Meditek Solutions reviews all claims and submit them according to insurance requirements/guidelines and ensures facility gets paid in first attempt.
  1. Worker’s Comp Billing & Collections
    Meditek Solutions has a vast experience in Worker’s Comp billing & we have the ability to adjust claims according to every worker’s comp requirements. We also know how to get worker’s comp details, if patients’ insurance denies a claim stating that patient has worker’s comp and provider doesn’t has such details in his records, and get that claim paid by submitting and following-up.
  1. Claim Status & Inquiry
    Timely inquiry of claims is a key to eliminate delays and possible denials, this helps to get the flow of revenue smoothen in a timely manner.  Meditek Solutions not only focus on aging but we start to inquire about claim status right after their submission to eliminate possible rejections from clearinghouse as well as insurance’s EDI department.
  1. Payment Posting
    Meditek Solutions provides payment posting after successfully claims submission and getting paid. We also clear patient’s balance by posting copay, coinsurance & possible patient’s responsibility amount. On the other hand, in-house billers don’t usually focus on posting complete payment & clearing balances so the account receivables increases and in the end practice accounts get messed up and we try to get practice accounts smoothen by posting accurate payments.
  1. Receivables Management
    Meditek Solutions manage Receivables in an experienced manner so that we can keep an eye on every claim. We prepare sheets to maintain all patients’ entry, billing and claims records to follow-up and maintain account receivables. We are committing up to 95% reimbursement because we have such ability to manage receivables that no claim passes its time limit & get written off.
  1. Past Due Claims
    Working on claims whose time limit for filing has been expired or exceeded is a headache and it has a long process. Meditek Solutions work on every Past Due Claims and tries best to get those claims paid.
  1. Patients’ Account Management
    Most of the facilities don’t pay attention on patient’s collection. Meditek Solutions keep an eye on every patient’s account and helps practices to properly track patients’ balance and payments.
  1. Monthly Claims & A/R Reports
    Meditek Solutions provides monthly claims & A/R reports, through which a practice can easily track their claims and patients’ count and forecast their future reimbursement. We have created such exceptional & complete manual reports which attracted many providers.
  1. Monthly Deposit Reports
    Meditek Solutions provides monthly deposit reports through which a practice can track their strength and can forecast their future expenses and costs. We assume that when a provider will see our reports then he will get the accurate idea about his strength & monthly reimbursement.
  1. Customized Analysis Reports
    Meditek Solutions provides marvelous customized analysis reports, which includes monthly payment, facility and provider wise claims count, A/R analysis, total patient count in detail such as new, established, selfpay etc., monthly average payment and many more.
  1. Virtual Front Desk Services
    Meditek Solutions proudly provides unmatched virtual front desk services that give us an edge over other medical billing companies. In this service, we provide appointment reminding calls to patients, calls to insurances, attend front desk calls & maintain a sheet to notify providers according to the priority/ urgency of the message of call, which reduces the time & cost for providers & their staff.
  1. Practice Software Implementation
    Meditek Solutions provides Practice Management (PM) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) software implementation and consultant. We help facilities in implementing new PM or EHR software by coordinating with software vendor and helps in data transfer.