About Us


Professionals Meditek Solutions founded with the belief to provide unmatched services to its clients. We have the dedicated team which is focused on core billing/coding and account receivables. We provide full Practice Management (PM) support as well as Electronic Health Record (EHR) support.

Professionals Meditek Solutions has the capability to let practice grows without any hassle of billing or coding. Our most important task is to collect the maximum revenue for your practice in less possible time while helping practice to cut down their costs & let them grow.


Our staff consists of:

  1. Experienced Medical Billers.
  2. Experienced A/R personnel.
  3. Expert and Professional IT personnel having multiple capabilities..
  4. Exceptional virtual front desk staff.
  5. Expert website designers & managers.
  6. Practice Management Software Implementation and Consultation Experts.
  7. Proactive Marketing Staff with exceptional strategies.
  8. Call Center Agents having exceptional communication capabilities.
  9. Clerical Workers.

Our IT and networking capabilities are strategically planned to allow us to continuously grow without worry.

Our company founded on the basis of “Let us increase your revenue so you can expand your business…”.  With this MOTO, we are focused on to maximize its clients’ revenue by making sure each and every claim get fully paid. We have a mindset to increase clients’ revenue by 95% depending on their capabilities of implementing our suggestions. We are not just a medical billing company but we also provide a free business development consultation for you. We first analyze the practice, find its loop holes and suggest providers the way to eliminate such loop holes.