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Professionals Meditek Solutions founded with the belief to provide unmatched services to its clients. Professionals Meditek Solutions has the dedicated team which is focused on core billing/coding and account receivables. Meditek Solutions provides full Practice Management (PM) support as well as Electronic Health Record (EHR) support. Professionals Meditek Solutions has the capability to let practice grows without any hassle of billing or coding. Our most important task is to collect the maximum revenue for your practice in less possible time while helping practice to cut down their costs & let them grow.

Our Services

We offer quality services in an affordable fee for the entire claim cycle.

Physicians Credentialling

Credentialing and enrollment of a physician is a basic and important part of Medical industry. It’s a headache to get a facility or provider credentialed with insurances and adding a location.

Medical Billing & Coding

Eligibility & Demographics, Coding Review & Assistance, Claims Submission, 6. Worker’s Comp Billing & Collections...

A/R & Denial Management

Claim Status & Inquiry, Payment Posting, Receivables Management, Past Due Claims, Patients’ Account Management...

Web, Graphics Designing & Printing

Website Designing & Management, Graphics Designing and Printing of any kind of material in reasonable prices with best quality.


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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your billing will greatly reduce your cost while ensuring that you have experts in billing who are handling your claims. In-house billers are not guaranteed to have the level of knowledge and education necessary to get your claims paid...

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Why Medical Billing Company?

Medical billing company provides a hassle free, fast, reliable and accurate billing. It keeps firm eyes on each and every claim and follows-up until it gets paid. We also ensures the standards of Patient & other practice related data security according to HIPAA guidelines...

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Why Choose Us?

Nowadays, most of the practices are getting less reimbursement than what they deserve, most of them are not even able to cover their costs & expanses. Meditek Solutions was founded with the belief to provide unmatched services to these kind of facilities...

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